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Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle Filling Machine

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Bottle Filling Machine :-

Technical Specifications:-

Filling Head. : 8

Washing Head. : 8

Capping Head. : 4

Capacity. : 40 BPM/ 1000 ml

Suitable Cap Shape. : Plastic Screw Cap

Bottle spec. : 200ml – 1.0 Ltr.

Air Conveyor. : 6 Feet

Motor. (for basic machine) : 2 HP

Motor (for air blower) 1HP

Motor(for cap elevator) 0.5 HP

Motor(for conveyour) 0.5HP

Dimensions WxLxH. :

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Salient Feature

Easy to operate

Virtually no Maintenance

Low Power Consumption

Electronic Digital Temprature Controller

High Efficiency Heaters

Suitable for pet pvc & LDPE Film

Fixed / Variable Conveyor speed

Technical Specification

Length of Passage 30 inch

Width of Passage 06 inch

Height of Passage 14 inch

Temperature 70 c to 250 c

Material PVC & LDPE

Power load (Heater) 06 kv / 440 v



This is a Uniblock Machine were all the three sections are on the same Platform. The main platform structure will be of M. S. suitably clayed Stainless Steel.

The machine is attached with an in feed Air Blow Tunnel, Which is also fitted with an Air Blower on top of the Tunnel.

This Tunnel helps the bottle to travel to the Rinsing In feed Neck guide plate with the help of Neck Guide and Air Pressure.

BOTTLE RINSER: The bottles from the in feed Neck Guide Plate are gripped by two pair of fingers i, e Bottle Neck holder bracket assembly

The gripping fingers will hold the bottle by neck and necessary guide bars will invert the bottle up side down by 180 degree.

The duty inverted bottle will receive water from the rinsing nozzles on rear of the machine. The rinsing will operate from 90 to 270 degree rotation of the rinsing machine. Zero degree position is in front of the operator.

In 180-degree rotation the washing cycles will be stopped and bottles will be re-inverted and delivered to the Out feed Neck guide plate, which will transfer the bottle to the filler.

BOTTLE FILLER/CAPPER: The Neck holder of the filler will hold the bottle along with the help of external guide.

Filling machine is also a neck holding. On Rotation When bottle gets sealed with filling valve, the filling valve opens and filling starts.

Filling tank will have liquid probe system to control level of mineral water in filling tank.

As soon as the bottle is fill and during rotation of the machines valve will be closed and bottle will be lowered and transferred on the Neck Guide Plate.

The bottle will enter the capping turret and by adjustable chucks, caps will be firmly tightened.

Duly capped bottles will be transferred on the conveyor.

Drive system will consist of motor, gearbox and gear trains to drive. The machine also has in A/C drive for controlling the speed of the machine.

In neck holding machine change part is required only in feed and out feed of the machine.

It also has a cap elevator for feeding the cap to the chute.


The machine contact part S.S. 304 will be enclosed with SS Frame Cabinet with Acrylic Sheet.

This machine is suitable for 28mm Perform having 26mm neck diameter below the collar.

The machine can fill bottle having maximum 100 mm diameter & 330mm height.

The machine can also be designed as per your specification.


Neck Holding on Transfers.

No Bottle No Fill.

Filling By Gravity Filling Valves.

Cap Elevator for cap feeding to chute.

Drive is on chain of gears (Not indexing Cam) hence low on Maintenance.

Speed Control on A. C Drive.

Drain trays for looping of spilled water

Electrical hardware standard make

PRODUCT: Mineral Water

Container: Bottles

Filling volume: 200ml to 1 lt.



Automatic operation

Automatic Cap Loading & Capping.

Easy to clean and operate, simple and rigid structure.

All machine contact parts are S. S. 304 will be the material for the machine structure.


Floor Space requirement:

Approximately clearance of 1mtr from all sides of the machine is required. Hence clearance of 1mtr should be added to the actual size of the machine

Operator requirement:

1 Skilled operator and 3 semi skilled operator.


The Bottles should be fully inspected before filling.( No damage bottle should be feed )

The caps and the bottles should be strictly as per the samples provided by you at the time of ordering of the machine Caps should be dry before loading is cap elevator.

The operator should be able to understand the working of the machine properly. Operator should not be changed till our technician/Engineer is there to install the machine.

We will be not take any responsibility in case you change the operator or he is not technically sound.

Note; 2HP Air compressor is not our scop otherwise it should be extra cost